Emanuela Miani Design is a design and furniture firm which operates since years in the industry offering a turnkey service.

The designer Emanuela Miani has worked in the development and in the interior design of houses in America, Italy and Caribbean always side by side to professional workers of undisputed reputation, developing an eclectic capacity of her own work which allows her today to realize all the needing changes to be applied on a property in order to make it pleasant and comforting habitable. A house needs to have a own soul, it shouldn’t be unidentified and should match exactly with the character of who lives in it.

Being expert of the doctrine of the Feng Shui, Emanuela has an appropriate knowledge of the field and all his components, which loves to combine and blend in a equilibrium of harmonies, studying and designing every single project with passion and attention to the needs of the client and the type of investment.

In order to offer a full development service, Emanuela Miani has its own brand of furniture designed and made by her company.